LibraryH3lp is a XMPP service with extra bells and whistles to make staffing a professional chat service easy and to extend customer communication channels beyond just XMPP. Though a customer can use any one of many different communication channels to talk with a chat operator, an operator only needs to use an XMPP client to chat with customers.

If you are developing an app that integrates LibraryH3lp behind the scenes for chat, you have tons of choices in terms of programming language and library to connect to our XMPP service. By combining XMPP and the REST API, you can fully leverage LibraryH3lp chat within your app.

Jabber ID (JID)

Users and Queues

Within LibraryH3lp, users have a Jabber ID (or JID) of the form USERNAME@libraryh3lp.com. Queues have a JID of the form QUEUE_NAME@chat.libraryh3lp.com. Both usernames and queue names must conform to the nodeprep profile and be unique across the LibraryH3lp system.


The JID assigned to a guest is of the form NODE@libraryh3lp.com, where NODE varies based upon how the guest connects to your chat service.

Anonymous guests, e.g. web guests, are assigned unique JIDs within LibraryH3lp using SASL ANONYMOUS. The node value of the ID is formed in accordance with RFC 4122. For example, 407795552613373888661268@libraryh3lp.com.

If a guest connects to a queue via a gateway, the NODE is his/her identity within the gateway'd service. More correctly, the NODE is a nodeprep'd version with illegal characters quoted. For example a AIM user with a username of awesome54 that contacts your queue via an AIM gateway, will have the following JID within LibraryH3lp: awesome54\\40aol.com@libraryh3lp.com.